"Womens Path" celebrates the lives of women of the Bible with unique products created by women with the needs of women in mind, with a knowledge of women's lives, and with a desire to promote respect for women. Each card tells the story of an inspiring woman of the Bible, relating her life to today's woman.

"Womens Path" works directly with women's ministries in two ways. As a vendor we can enhance your programs by bringing our Christian products specifically designed for women. As a presenter we can bring one of our presentations based on women of the Bible to your event in a workshop or brief multimedia format.

"Womens Path" was formed by two sisters, raised by a Christian mother and father who cherished the women in the Bible. Each card includes a piece of the sister's lives nestled somewhere in the cover photograph. For example, the photograph on the cover of Priscilla and Aquila's card is the wedding photo of the sisters' parents taken over 50 years ago.

The mission of "Womens Path" is to create high quality products that celebrate the lives of inspiring women of the Bible, to encourage all women to learn guiding principles from the inspiring women of the Bible and to remind women of Christ's love for us.

The response from women who have purchased or who have received our products has been overwhelming.

Women who are mothers tell us that they are exited about the stories of Lois and Eunice, Jochebed and Martha. Often women tell us, "I love this. Finally someone knows I work too!" or "I told my best friend about these cards and she wants a box to mail to everyone."

Senior women are particularly drawn to the products celebrating Huldah, Anna, and Dorcas. Women tell us, "Thank you for reminding people that older women are smart too." Unlike our society at large, these products celebrate the value of an older women's wisdom, charity and guidance.

Women in the business world immediately relate to the cards of Lydia and Sherah. We often hear, "I never even knew these women were in the Bible."

The sisters hope each story of these inspiring women will provide guidance for today's woman. From these products which exalt Biblical women, all can learn about charity, love, relationships, tithing, intelligence, patience, creativity, strength, persistence, parenting and business.

In Christ's Name we thank all of you,

Joan Ross Fraser and Dr. Denise Fraser Vaselakos


Team Grandparents

“Assemble the people before me to hear my words so that they may learn to revere me as long as they live in the land and may teach them to their children” (Deuteronomy 4:10) 

Team Grandparents Mission

To assemble and mobilize Christian grandparents across the country to pray, mentor, love, and encourage our grandchildren.

Because "Grandchildren are the crown of the aged..." Proverbs 17:6

Team Grandparents Products

Team Grandparents

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